Career in the Sign & Graphic Industry

The graphic design and sign manufacturing industry, also includes the router, engraving, laser and fabrication industries, and is without a doubt one of the largest manufacturing sectors in Australia. The industry has over 7,600 businesses. The value of production is worth many billions of dollars. In an industry this big has many great career opportunities available almost anywhere in Australia.

Signage is everywhere you look and we could not exist without. To use a quote commonly used by one of our esteemed Sign Manufacturers, “A Business without a Sign is a sign of no Business”. Here are just a few ideas of what the Signage and Graphic Industries produce.

Business signs, LED signs, neon signs, Vehicle wrapping and design, fabricated letters, company and government coats of arms, window graphics, stage settings, flags, banners, advertising billboards, road signs, directory signs, safety signs, logos, stickers, labels, company seals, rubber stamps, trophies, promotional products, jewellery, label making, stainless steel plates, the coins we use every day and thousands more which are too many to mention.

As an apprentice, you enter into a training contract with an employer. You spend most of your time working and learning practical skills on the job and you spend some time undertaking structured training with a registered training provider of your choice. They will assess your skills and when you are competent in all areas, you will be awarded a nationally recognised qualification

What attributes do I need?

A signage manufacturer needs:

  • creative ability
  • good literacy and numeracy skills
  • accurate colour perception, but not essential
  • high levels of hand/eye co-ordination
  • ability to pay careful attention to detail
  • ability to work under the pressure of deadlines
  • tact and discretion when dealing with customers' material
  • ability to make quick decisions
  • keenness to set up and use equipment

How do I become a sign manufacturing apprentice?

You can be employed as a sign manufacturing apprentice and get paid while you work and train.

How long will an apprenticeship take?

A full-time Sign Manufacturing apprenticeship can take up to four years, however under the competency based system, apprentices may be able to qualify sooner if they can show they have the skills to do the job.